by Archy and Mehitabel

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For centuries, the voice and the keyboard were inexorably linked in Western music. These are our lamentations for the skilled craftsmen and women who worked within that confine, whose work walks the bridge between the two, and whose techniques may be now obscured but not forgotten. Please enjoy.


released December 18, 2009

Music by Lee Waters and Alexander Horwitz
Lyrics by Lee Waters
Vocals: Lee Waters
Piano: Alexander Horwitz
Produced by Alexander Horwitz
Recorded in New York City, November 2009.
Special thanks to Patsy Fabulous, Sok Ho Song, Chet Biscardi, Laura N., Kate B., Tori A., Mrs. M. Barney, Henry P., and the good people at Storz & Bickel.



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Archy and Mehitabel New York

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Track Name: The Great Tiger
I don't know who's dreaming who here
But the sheets have gotten so cold
And there's nothing you could tell me
That I've never been told

Some say that ignorance is bliss
Some say it's infancy
I will separate this spirit
Rip this meat right out of me

But don't forget anything you'll need
Don't go back if you did, Love
The door is locked, and the lights are out
Just forget what you did love

I don't know who's dreaming who here
But the walls are on their sides
And you know as well as I do
That there's no where and nothing left to hide

You might as well just stand up tall
And turn your face into the wind
Feel its fingers on your frozen flesh
Let them dig deep into your skin

But don't forget anything you'll need
Don't go back if you did, Love
The door is locked, and the lights are out
Just forget what you did love

The Great Tiger
Beat me to the punch
Just because I came out with both arms swinging
But just you sit right down
And I will introduce you to
Who's in my corner

I don't know who's dreaming who here
But I'm asking me to go
There is nothing on the table
That I don't already know

And the coffee's gotten cold now
And I'm starting to wake up
He said I'll see you after Tuesday

He said I'll see you after Tuesday.
Track Name: Integration
Lower the opacity
And I can be anything you want me to be
But give me your hand, so I can feel
The difference between fantasy and what's real

I look into the sky to see how far I am from the light
I look into your eyes, don't see your eyes see the wrongs I can't right
For everything there's a time, and everything has its place
In the name of symmetry tell me why's time the one that we can't erase

Oh, it's much too cold to sleep
And I've got a memory, I'd like you to keep for me
Deep in the folds of your mind
But put it aside just now and let me inside
Track Name: Detox
I watched your body fade in the darkness
The last time you were seen
Lost some useful parts of my body
My head, my heart, and some parts in between

There was a dimming buzz around you
Like a man with a grenade in each pocket
And a pin in both hands
His wheels, smiling at the sun

Detoxing in my bed
I was afraid to touch you
—afraid not to touch you—
Talk of war and changes
Takes too much effort now
Detoxing in my bed,
I was afraid to touch you,
Afraid not to touch you.

The door was shut for three days straight
It's forgotten how to open now
Parts of you will cling here
For a long, long time
The sheets are wet from the sweat
of too much lying
I hear whispers behind gates
The hum of rocks thrown in my garden

All the things they asked of you
All the things they put you through
Your country's forgotten what you've given
But remembered everything you've taken
Close the door
I'm here now
Don't bother asking when or how
But I'll kiss you
And love you
And make this all go away