by Archy and Mehitabel

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Recorded in Zionsville, IN, and Manhattan, NY, March 2010.

Special thanks to Johnny Bach, M. Monk, L. Nyro, A. Lennox, Mrs. M. Barney, Monsieur Iman, The J.V. Horwitz Ranch for the Arts, Jane T. Edwards, Esq., The Strips Jug Inn, Y. Ono, and, most of all, to Kate: we were not worthy when we were young, but, no longer so young, we are grateful.


released April 15, 2010

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Lee Waters and Alexander Horwitz



all rights reserved


Archy and Mehitabel New York

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Track Name: Mrs. Beaumont's luncheon has been cancelled.
Good afternoon,

Hello, my friend. It's so nice to see you. I hope it was no trouble finding this place. I'm forced to keep things unlisted and private. Please, have a seat — but not there. It's an antique.

My father — the lord. My mother — the duchess. It's easy to see all this fame as a crutch, but I keep both my feet so perfectly fastened. It's really no wonder why this all happened for me.

I go to sleep when I tire, despite what my opus may require. I'm a simple man with a simple life, tethered to nothing at all. If you'd care to talk after Sunday, give me a call.

If you insist on reflecting on them, well, we'll have to cut our chat short. With boundless horizons ahead, let's focus on landfall instead.

There! Isn't this so much better? My friends would agree but they're unavailable. Starting again but this time, remember: we're here to talk about what is coming next.

You have been such a pleasure. I wish we could sit and talk more at our leisure. So many appointments. So many engagements. I really must take more time out for meetings like this.
Track Name: Patrimony
When the walls are reaching for me
And the ghosts all curse my name
And the sky's turned lead
Nothing gets out but the thoughts in my head
That won't go away

You stepped in from the hallway
And the walls all disappeared
And the moon gave no fight
As you held back the night
I think I finally might surrender these fears

Bring me down to my knees, lift my eyes to your eyes
I took the time to learn how to say 'thank you' and 'please'
There's no room for lies here between us

There are secrets in the spaces of a blink of your eyes
They're always on the move
They can't drag me down if you're hanging around
Got too much to do, and nothing to prove

Here down on my knees, lift my eyes to your eyes
I took the time to learn how to say 'thank you' and 'please'
there's no room for lies here between us

The coffee is just as you like it
Nothing too light or too sweet
I've set both our places and found the right face is
'Everything clean and made with no haste'

Daddy, you've got my number
Daddy, you ring it well
When you call out my name, don't care who's to blame, it just won't be the same
Since you wore out the bell
Track Name: Thank You
Thank you for letting me go
Thank you for shoving me down off this high
The view from here really ain't bad
I can still see our two shadows at play

Thank you for leaving that way
Thank you for making that fist with your hand
I would not have wandered again
Now I'm left restless and breathing out loud

Fall on me.

The pleasure was mine
You left things as you found them
But they need you to sign on this line
Put your name over mine one last time

Thank you for making the bed
Thank you for sending me forks, spoons and knives
My pockets are still full of change
Thank you for letting me through this alive

Thank you for brothers side by side
Thank you for all of the people invited
I tried to wear gifted clothes
All I am left with is vapor ignited
Track Name: Under the Gun
You keep everything under the gun, boy
Everything's under the gun
You take your time I pay no mind
I'll just sit here and cut my lines
You're coming back to me

Everything’s under the gun boy
Everything’s under the gun
I'm aware and I ain't scared
And I don't care 'cause I know that
You're coming right back to me

You keep her rushing here
You keep her rushing there
She even did her hair up like you like it
But all the pretty flowers
All the long sweet hours
All her magic powers don't get you shit

Put on a nice dress and I must confess
That the girl looked good to me
It ain't my opinion that it's
Gonna mean a thing
When it comes down to what it seems

I seen her walking right up to your door
And I know what's going through your mind
"Everything's the way that it's supposed to be"
But baby that ain't right and you're the only one
Who can't see

So play this game as long as you can
Baby, run as fast you can
You always been running
You ain't got nowhere
So come on down and get some good fresh air

sitting down sitting round sitting right beside me
going down going round going right behind me
sitting down going round sitting right beside me
going down sitting round going right behind me

Nothing feels quite as good as when you come home
When I say home I mean where you ain't alone
So pack your bags, baby, you're going on a trip

Once inside you're gonna feel much more
Once you leave can't keep your foot in the door
Take my hand
We'll give them all the slip

I ain't saying what you're doing is wrong
But I tell you, brother, I've been where you've gone
It don't add up to much at the end of the day

So open your mouth and close your eyes
I promise you it's no surprise
You been asking for a real long time
With your eyes with your mouth with your low slow whine